Welcome to my blog :)

Welcome to My Blog 🙂

Several years ago, when I was a little primary school girl, my dream was to become a famous writer. I have tried many times to write my own novels. Although they were not finished in the end, I can still remember the days when I was sitting before my table with all my concentration on the world under my pen. It was amazing! That was the first time I knew the power of writing. I can feel the happiness from the bottom of my heart. I can feel the flights of my imagination. That was the time I really wish I can go back.

Now I have the chance!!!

This is my first blog! I’m sooooo glad that you are the first readers of my life. From now on, I will accompany with you to through the journey. To be honest, I’m so excited that I can have my own blog and own domain name. They are like the newborn babies in my arms. I’m happy, but nervous too. I promise I will show you the best content I can.

In the next few months, this blog will mainly focus on digital marketing. Internet develop so fast nowadays. The methods of marketing are changing all the time with the trends. I’d love to share my understanding of marketing to you, especially digital marketing. Besides being a marketing major student, I also work as a marketing assistant for an arts start-up company named V Galerie Hong Kong. So, my second most important topic will be how I integrate marketing and arts. Hope we can share some interesting things about marketing or arts together! I am also very eager to learn from your comments.

I can still remember the filmmaker of “Inside Out”, Pete Docter, said on Oscars speech that “Make films. Draw. Write. It will make a world of difference.” I think that also the reason why I love writing so much.

Hope you can see a different world here.

And, let’s make the world of difference together!


Btw, this is the site icon of Future Marketer. Is that cute? Welcome to my blog again! Please enjoy your time here!


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