The Pros and Cons of Whole Foods Market’s App

Last week we talked about the performance of Whole Foods Market’s website through different platforms. We knew that the contents of their website are rich and educational. I also mentioned they have an app for their customers. With the increase of cellphone usage, apps become an important part of our daily life. We communicate with each other on apps. We shop on apps. We read on apps.

Can you image the life without cellphones and without apps? No! We are more depended on apps than we thought.

So, this week, let’s explore Whole Foods Market’s app together and find out what’s the pros and cons of the app.


Search “whole foods” in Apple’s app store, we can quickly find this app which showing as a shopping app with 205 reviews. Download and open it. Now let’s see what’s the pros of this app.



1. Clear and concise design

The first thing we can notice is the logo of the app. Using the acronym of “Whole Foods”, the logo is clear. Also, the logo continues Whole Foods’ theme color which is green and white. I already discussed about this color in my last blog when analyzing the website. Green can make people feel fresh and healthy. White background can make the logo not so complicated. The whole logo is every simple and easy to recognize and remember. I think it’s good for building customers’ brand awareness. Open the app, we can see the inner theme color is also simple. Two kinds of green, white, black and orange. I really like green with orange. That color schemes always remind me of orange, the fruit which I love the most. I think the clear and concise design well represents Whole Foods Market’s brand image. This can be one advantage of the app.


2. Complete store information

One important function the app provided is that you can use it to find stores nearby you. The app provides almost all information one store has, like the address, phone number, opening hours. They also show you store sales and events which are convenient for you to look at before going to the store. The app will be really helpful for people who just move to a new place and need to know where is the nearest grocery store.

When you register the account, the app will automatically find the nearest store for you and set it as your store once you enter your zip code. But you can also change the store by yourself which is every user friendly. With complete store information, customers can easily find the store they want to go, which can attract new customers and potential customers.

3. Useful digital coupons

I think the reason why people will download this app is because the app provides digital coupons for customers. Users can show the coupons when check out at the store and this coupon will help them save a lot. The coupons are for variety of products and departments. There’s only one digital coupon bar code on your screen. So, it’s easy and simple to use and you won’t mix it up. If there are some offers you are very interested in, you can also add them to your favorite. When you are shopping at local store, it will remind you to not forget those offers. This feature is very useful and helpful.


Although the app has advantages, but the rating of App store is low. It seems like the cons are more obvious than pros. Let’s see what’s the app’s problems.



1. Existing functions are too simple

After using the app, we can know that the app can only be used for finding stores or using digital coupons. There are no other functions for this app. This is too simple for an app. And the functions may be useless for some people. For example, I already know where is my nearest store and the opening hours. I don’t need to check the information again. And I can know the sales information in the store too. There’s no need for me to download the app.

Or you may say the digital coupons is useful, is that right? Yes. But, from the version introduction of the app we know that we can link our phone number to the account. We can use the phone number when check out to use the digital coupons. So, it’s not necessary to use the app.

IMG_53562. No shopping options

This is a shopping app which shows in app store. But there’s no shopping options in this app. You can’t use it for online shopping. Think about Amazon and Walmart. Their app can both shopping online. People today are used to dealing stuff by using cellphones. If whole foods can add shopping functions to its app, I think there would be more people need it and download it.

IMG_53953. The remove of recipe feature

The last thing I want to mention is they remove the recipe feature from the app. Checking the reviews from app store, we can see that lots of people complained about this. It seems like in this app’s earlier version there still have recipe feature. People can find their favorite recipes and go to store to get the food materials. In my opinion, recipe feature is one of whole foods’ biggest advantage no matter in official website or in apps. It’s really helpful to people like me who is learning cooking. It’s a pity that the recipe feature was removed. If this feature was remained, I believe the ratings of this app will be higher.


In conclusion, this app does have some advantages and is easy to use. But right now, the problems are more serious. If whole foods don’t figure out how to solve it, they may lose users. At least, for people like me who already know the store location and can use offers by providing phone number, we won’t keep the app in our phones.

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