A Good Email Marketing on New Year’s Eve Helps You Win

Hi there! After a long winter break, I’m back. Although my digital marketing class is finished, I’ll keep blogging and sharing my thoughts about marketing in different aspects. This week let’s talk about how the email marketing on New Year’s Eve can help you win.

Time went back to December 31st, 2017. New York City was too cold at that day. I can still remember how freezing it was. I didn’t go anywhere. That night I stayed at my warm home with my cats meanwhile waiting for the New Year’s coming. When the clock passed to 12, I received the new year greeting messages from my families and my friends. Although we are in different county, technology changes the way we communicate. That’s great.

But that wasn’t my point. My point was, at that time, suddenly I received an email. Who sent me an email at night? With the curiosity, I opened the email. Oh, it was the new year greeting email from Shu Uemura USA.


You know what, this is the only email I received at that night before I went to bed. There’s no other brand sent me the same email until 3 o’clock. It was the greeting email from Dogeared. But I didn’t see it until I checked the phone when I got up in the morning.


Can you see the difference between these two emails? Yes, time.

A good time is really important to a brand’s email marketing. It can influence the audiences psychologically. At the moment I received Shu Uemura USA’s email, I felt surprised and warm. Think about that, who will send you message or something on 12 o’clock at New Year’s Eve? Your families, your best friends. People who cares about you most. Shu Uemura USA just made me feel like they care about me and I’m the most important person to them. This do improve my loyalty to them.

So, you can image my metal activity when I saw the second email. Come on, 3 o’clock? A little bit too late. But to be honest, not too bad. Because their contents were still what I would like to see on the first day of the new year.

Then I sorted all the emails I received on the first day of the New Year and found out that there can be three different types of contents:


1. New year wishes

Like what I mentioned above. Celebrating the new year with you or sending you the greetings on the first day of the year, this is really a good way for brands’ email marketing. Because it shows that you are treat your customers as your family, your friends, the one who you care about. Your customers can feel that they are valued and important to you. Also, the sending time can show your sincerity. You must remember that, details can make a difference.


2. Discounts offer

Besides the two greeting emails, the emails I received the most were discounts offer. Sometimes you may be happy with offers. Sometimes they can be annoying. Too many discounts offer fly to your inbox just like junk mail. Especially when you are surrounded by these kinds of email for a whole year, are you willing to see them at the beginning of the new year? At least I don’t. I just want a breath.

I found that there are some clever brands like Kiehl’s. They didn’t send you email on Jan 1st, instead of, they sent you before and after. That’s really interesting and smart. They know they can’t disturb you at the first day.


3. Others

Other emails I received at that day were just some regular newsletter or products recommendation based on what I bought before. Nothing surprise, and nothing too annoying. Just normal emails.


I know that the brands I followed are not the all. There must had other brands sent new year greetings on 12am. And there must had other kinds of contents I don’t know. But I just try to use the emails I received on the New Year’s Eve and the first day of the year as an example to show you that a good time and appropriate contents of brands’ email marketing do help them to win the heart of customers. At least Shu Uemura USA made me feel that I’m special.


So, what kind of emails did you receive at that day?



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