Hi there! My name is Yue Wu. My Chinese name has the same pronunciation as the fifth month of the year, so you can also call me May.


I come from China. My hometown Qingdao is a beautiful sea city which is famous for its beer. Every summer, people from all over the world will go to there to join the beer festival. They can drink fresh beer, eat delicious seafood and enjoy the beautiful sea views at the same time. Can you imagine how a wonderful scene it is?! If you want to go there too, just contact me!!! Although I’m allergy to alcohol, I can still tell you which kind of beer tastes better!

I finished my four-year undergraduate in Shanghai major in International Business. During my undergraduate, I joined lots of conferences and competitions about how to use marketing skills to do business. My passion to marketing began from that time. So, I transferred my major to marketing after I graduated. Now I’m a master student at NYU major in Integrated Marketing and my concentration is Marketing Analytics.

New York is an amazing place which deeply attracted me. I’m so happy and grateful that I can spend two years here to learn more about marketing. And I think I came to the right place. I love the lively atmosphere here!

I have many hobbies and dreams. I love cooking, and I hope one day I can own a unique restaurant which provides the most delicious food. I love traveling, and I hope one day I can travel all over the world, meet interesting people and have unforgettable stories on the way. I love pets and I really hope I can have my own cat!

The most important is, I love marketing! I hope I can become a great marketer in the future! That’s why Future Marketer was born. (Although it’s also a course homework from my NYU professor)

I’m trying my best to realize all my dreams. Hope you can witness my work here!

Let’s fight for our dreams!